J. David Lewis, MBA, President. NAPFA-Registered Financial AdvisorJ. David Lewis, MBA, President
NAPFA- Registered Financial Advisor

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R. Bryan Hankla, CFP®. NAPFA-Registered Financial AdvisorR. Bryan Hankla, CFP®
NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor

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Christie N. Lewis. Office Manager/Client RelationsChristie N. Lewis
Office Manager/Client Services

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Mary K. Davis, IACCP®
Client Services/Information Systems

NAPFA-The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

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“I want Resource Advisory Services to be known as a place where clients can trust us with every detail of their personal financial affairs, not only because of our high level of ethical integrity, but also because of our ability to understand their personal and financial needs, and arrange for efficient and effective services that will help them enjoy their wealth.”

These words link the importance of knowledge, experience and skill with our fundamental commitment to the fiduciary standard we choose to uphold. We sincerely believe that many working in financial services do not meet the fiduciary standard primarily because they do not have education and experience to discern whether they are acting in the best interest of their clients – not because they set out to breach this important standard. There is more to money than money.®

It is important to understand that commitment to continuing education and other relevant experience is important to being a fiduciary. Our financial world is complex and all the parts work together. If we do not maintain and build our abilities, we might expose our clients to imprudent risks. The ability to fully understand another person’s situation is fundamental to placing their interests ahead of our own. The way to develop these skills is commitment to studying diverse sources of learning.

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