Cheapskate: Goodbye to Penny-Pinching –

by Neil Templin

“Now, lets talk about compromise.

When I married my wife, Clarissa, 28 years ago, I had all these rigid ideas on how to save money. We’d buy a tiny car. We’d live in a tiny apartment. At one point, I even suggested living in a tent. Clarissa laughed at me. And we’d wait a few years before having our first child.

Two months after our wedding, Clarissa informed me she was pregnant. We did buy a tiny car, but most of my other money-saving plans basically went out the window.”

This is another absolutely wonderful column by Mr. Templin.  I am really sorry to see that it is his last in this series.  I hope many people enjoy reading it and look into the archives for previous articles.  Read the rest via Cheapskate: Goodbye to Penny-Pinching –

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