Mind Over Money | NOVA | PBS Video

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Mind Over Money | NOVA | PBS Video.

Program: NOVA

Episode: Mind Over Money

Can markets be rational when humans aren’t?

In March 2008, about five months after the stock market reached its last peak, we published “Markets with Bulls and Bears,” in a paper newsletter.  It can now be found on our blog and is still one of our pages with many views. 

This related NOVA program from PBS is an understandable, yet sophisticated, exploration of current research into the science behind why so many people continue to create market bubbles and suffer from their collapse.  It is another facet in the complexity that we summarize by saying There is more to money than money®.  Wise investors have always been able to see through these emotional events and make clear, calculated decisions.  The research will help many of us do the same.  http://video.pbs.org/video/1479100777/

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