The Intelligent Investor: Holding Brokers to a Higher Standard –


As Congress enters the final rounds of mud-wrestling over financial reform, small investors might end up splattered and trampled yet again.  At issue is whether a financial adviser—which nowadays means anybody from a stockbroker or insurance agent to a financial planner or “wealth manager”—should be held to higher standards of conduct.

The full article is available via The Intelligent Investor: Holding Brokers to a Higher Standard –

OUR COMMENT:  I really do not hold out a lot of hope that Congress will do much on its own. I do think Mr. Zweig is one more person who has the ability to help people know what they should consider important. I know a lot more about healthcare, because of the many discussions. And, I believe discussion of financial services reform will educate people as well. There are truely fiduciary financial advisors. If the public can learn to demand the fiduciary standard, there will be more fiduciary financial advisors to fill the demand. A good debate, with Mr. Zweig’s help, will improve the chances of that happening. So, encourage the media to shine a light on this issue.

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