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Our Comment by J. David Lewis – The humor/truth in this really amused my morning reading on the first day I read it. The advice is also pretty fantastic for anyone, no matter the age. I believe I can explain why ever item in the list is valid.   


“Some parents — with their kids off to college now — have asked me to provide their offspring with good, objective financial advice. Hence this list of financial tips for young investors.

7. The road to hell is paved with credit cards. Try your damddest to pay the full charges on time. (Hell itself is inhabited by people who run credit-card companies.)

8. A physician named Bernstein said it: “Stockbrokers service their clients the way Bonnie and Clyde serviced banks.” (Bonnie and Clyde, for you young folk, were notorious bank robbers.)

13. Always be on the lookout for a new job. There’s always a job better than the one you have.”

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