Ranking Cute Animals: A Stock Market Experiment : Planet Money : NPR

Our Comment by J. David Lewis – This is short and really nifty.  It was on WUOT FM 91.9 this morning (January 14, 2011) and other NPR outlets.  I think you will find it both amusing and educational.

  “On the surface, Planet Moneys first-ever economics experiment was all about cute animals. You can see the experiment here. But we were really trying to get a better sense of how the stock market works. We got the idea from John Maynard Keynes.

Back in 1936, he described the stock market as a particular kind of beauty contest. You see a bunch of womens faces, but youre not supposed to say who you think is prettiest. Youre supposed to guess who everyone else will think is the prettiest.”

Listen via Ranking Cute Animals: A Stock Market Experiment : Planet Money : NPR.

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