Fiduciary advocates push alternative approach

Yesterday, in a news conference to announce the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard Best Practices, I may have become a bit vocal when we were talking about how postponing the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule.  After the call, one of the reporters contacted me for more discussion.  This morning I find myself quoted in a Financial Planning article by Andrew Welsch.

“David Lewis, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based planner, has already been explaining what the best practice to his clients via newsletters, blog posts and social media.

“Whatever the government does in terms of how they define fiduciary, we can always draw the distinction and be relentless about being public about what we are doing. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we can show to our clients how we are overcoming that,” he says.”  Click here to read the entire piece.

J. David Lewis

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