It’s about enjoying wealth, no matter how much you have.

There is more to money than money.®

About Us

We were founded in 1985 on the belief that building wealth involves increasing net worth, while improving net worth structure. In other words, securities portfolios and investment management are important, but only part of the comprehensive relationships affected by many resources.

Enjoying wealth is extremely important. Our goal is to improve your sense of security by helping you understand your net worth components and progress.

No matter your financial goals, disciplined monitoring and understanding your rate of progress can increase your enjoyment of your wealth, letting you move forward confidently with your plans and decisions.

Our Mission

Developing relationships that help people build and enjoy wealth, through our commitment to excellence in comprehensive financial planning services, where we gladly accept fiduciary responsibilities for understanding and serving each client with an exceptionally high level of ethical integrity.

Our Logo

The most prominent word is RESOURCE. Because that’s what we are: a resource to our clients. We have resources in connections we can call on to serve clients. It also highlights the limitless resources clients hold, including your personal strengths for earning and managing tangible resources. It is our clients’ and our resources, working together, that builds rewarding relationships we enjoy together.

Then you’ll notice two words ADVISORY and SERVICES, which are about relationships. Advice is the primary way we help you manage resources – and our service culture supports our advisory method. We are here to look after the nitty-gritty tasks for you.

The three boxes are interlocked and gradually increasing in size, representing both how relationships develop over time and the upward sloping graph of a healthy growing net worth.

Resource Advisory Services Logo

There is more to money than money®.

It is the root of evil and the sum of our blessings, all at the same time. It touches the things we can do and the things we cannot do, in many profound ways. Our attitudes about it are heavily influenced by the amount and source of money in our heritage, going back for several generations. We have a relationship with money that can be either healthy or unhealthy. There are many references to money in the Bible and the writings of other religions. Most forms of currency are inscribed with a reference to religion. Money and the way we view it are very important concepts. There is more to money than money®.

Thoughts From Our Team