Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that financial techniques are like maintenance on a ship.

Touted “smart moves”, like tax maneuvering, are like lubricating the steering mechanism. Helpful, but minor, in the overall picture. Real progress comes from building wealth through disciplined investment contributions and debt payments. Our goal, enjoyment of your wealth, requires allocation between amenities and progress and wisely balancing risk and reward.

Long-term Vision, Not Short-term Pivots

Built On Sound Principles

Our philosophy is built on the wisdom of proven economists and decades of research. Diverse portfolios of company stocks offer the best opportunities for long term investment performance and can act as a mitigating influence for volatility stocks historically produced. And, we believe there is value in professional active management, while balancing the cost of that expertise.  We will pay for active management, but only when we believe our clients are getting a good value. When we don’t believe we can find that bargain in a sector, we use the least expensive indexed option we can find.

Prevailing in Difficult Times

We are steadfast and hold onto portfolios through all kinds of market conditions. We weathered at least six market crises since our formation. When other were convinced to sell off stocks we held on – and watched markets recover more dramatically than ever imagined. We’ve weathered through pressures to restructure or “move into tech stocks” and have seen great success with our commitment to hold strong.

And yet, when a client insists we sell a portfolio, we will. It runs against our core beliefs and we always advise against selling under pressures of a difficult market. But we respect your authority to buy and sell. You ultimately have the control to sell, even on your own, if our steadfast commitment does not align with your beliefs about the current financial market.

More on Mutual Funds

Mutual fund management is well-researched and well-proven by the numbers. We have also seen that there are certain corporate characteristics of the management companies behind those results. Even as mutual funds have evolved since we began in 1985, there are numerous mutual fund families and certain specifics funds we continue to select for clients.

Mutual funds allow for great diversification, for clients of any portfolio size. Because they can be bought in small position sizes, even a relatively small account can be diversified among small, medium and large companies – as well as among investment styles. Two mutual funds may own the same stock or bond, with very different reasons for including that instrument. Accordingly, there will be different circumstances that prompt the sale or additional purchase of that security.