What To Expect

A Client Relationship

Setting Intentions

As we work together, you will find that we ask as lot of questions about you – not just about your money. We want to know what you want your money to do for you. We want you to enjoy your wealth! As we get to know you, we can develop intentional and focused financial goals. Some of our greatest joys come from professionally understanding your situation so well that we can say without reservation, “Yes, you can afford to do that… and more.”  There is more to money than money.®   


As we start looking into how to invest your wealth, we start to include several categories of mutual funds in portfolios. Then, we can compare mutual funds that have similar category characteristics and choose those we consider best among their peers. We work to select the best managers, because this means we are basically using the internal expenses of the mutual funds to acquire the best managers relative to the costs – efficiency. This is the way we intend to build your portfolio.

Christie David

Weathering the Market

Even in difficult markets, you will find that we stay the course. You won’t often receive advice to move money here or there, with the changing winds of market fluctuation. In those turbulent times, you can always call us to discuss your investments. We are happy to talk with you about similar situations we have faced and the positive outcomes we have seen.