Our Offerings

Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual funds have proven to be a consistently smart investment option for our clients and most people. If you’re just starting to invest or if your portfolio needs solid diversifying, we know how to find those opportunities that will build your wealth over time. Our decades of experience instills confidence in new and seasoned investors. In the fall, your quarterly report will focus on your investment portfolio, where we dig deeper to review your broad allocations.

Wealth Management

We believe in wealth enjoyment. No matter what number you are starting with us, we work honestly and wisely to help you build that wealth through sound and steady investments, plus advice on many other financial issues, including tax planning. Our long-term approach gives you peace of mind, even during tumultuous market movements. Around year-end, your quarterly report will also include a history of your total assets, investment assets and total debts, from the beginning of our relationship with you. For some clients, these histories are as long as 30 years.  We sincerely hope you someday have fabulous memories from knowing us. There is more to money than money.®  More can be a long, rewarding relationship.

Retirement Planning

A healthy relationship with your wealth and retirement is more about prudently balancing your financial life through all your years, than focusing on the “right” things to do to get ready for retirement. Whether you are days or decades from retirement, we break down your financial building blocks to see where we need to focus your planning. At least once a year, typically in the summer, we test each client’s retirement feasibility analysis and provide our commentary in a report, with an in-person meeting if need. We want you to feel confident about the many decisions moving forward that will get you the peaceful retirement that will feel like the best life you can have. For us, it feels really good to tell a worried 50-ish couple “it looks to us like you could retire now, if that is what you really want to do. So, what would make your life feel productive and enjoyable if you did?”

Income Tax Reviews

Whether an accountant does your tax return, you do it with a software or you are one of the few who still use paper forms, it never hurts to have someone knowledgeable review it for potential improvements. A few months before year-end, we review each client’s previous year’s tax return, looking for advice we might give while there is time to affect this year’s tax. We do not prepare tax returns and shouldn’t. We do find errors and other issues that need attention, even in returns prepared by sophisticated accounting firms. We sometimes have information you might not know you should give them. These reviews also keep us aware of important tax impacts on other advice we give, whether we are talking about investments, gifts to family, charitable contributions or many other matters that come up in a typical year.

Estate Planning Reviews

However much wealth you have, it is important to be aware of the circumstances surrounding what you would leave for others upon your death. This is especially true if you have children or others who depend upon you. In helping people keep awareness of these issues, we put together summaries of the instructions you have in place during the spring of each year. Wealth growth and changing relationships can lead to an estate settlement that does not reflect current circumstances, even just a few years after an estate plan was created. This is where there is really more to money than money. We are not attorneys. We do have enough experience with nitty-gritty tasks and emotional issues survivors face to understand the importance of keeping estate plans current. The comfort of a grieving family is at stake.