Our Process


When You Get In Touch

Most client relationships start with an email or phone call. That’s our first opportunity to get to know you. Initially, we may ask for some basic information about you and what you’re looking for. Your experience, skills, education, habits, preferences and goals are important to us. They are the driving forces behind building and enjoying wealth management. It’s not just about growing your portfolio. It’s about comfortable conversation and learning about the lifestyle you see developing relationships with commitments to your fulfillment. We want to know what you consider your financial obstacles to be – so we can see if we are the right advisor for you. We truly believe that there is more to money than money.®

Our First Time Meeting Together

This is our chance to sit down together, face to face, and talk through your concerns and your aspirations, as well as obstacles you believe stand in your way. We can’t solve everything in this meeting. Often, we can solve some things. The intent is for us to listen and learn, while you develop your understanding of us. Then, together we decide whether we can begin building a relationship that gets things moving in a direction that eventually makes us wonder why those obstacles seemed like obstacles.

The Recommendations Report

This is where we use text to describe what we understand about your situation, along with our advice for improvement. The ways we have heard you guide the words we use to craft understandable approaches, for you to consider privately. The report and follow up meeting are for you to decide whether you believe we are a resource that will improve your enjoyment of your resources.

If We Decide To Work Together…

After you receive your report and attend the follow up meeting, you may feel equipped to set out on your own. In fact, we sometimes make this recommendation. The issues can be settled without the expense of a long-term relationship. Sometimes a one-year, or shorter, engagement can accomplish needed tasks. Either way, your best interest is first. We will be here when you need us next time Our longest time from initial recommendations to return for an Ongoing Relationship was 26 years.

Or you may want an Ongoing Relationship right away, to feel secure that your resources are monitored, with progress feedback and continuous access to our advice on any financial matters.

We want to be available for the engagement level that is in your best interest  –
the relationship that works best for you.