What We Expect From You

What We Expect From You

Emily and Priscilla hiking.

We view our work together as a relationship.

From the start, we want our communication to be two-way. We will be getting to know you as you get to know us. And together we can decide if moving forward is mutually beneficial.

We know that building trust takes time. The first communication will likely be over the phone or email. Over time, we look forward to meeting face-to-face so we can build that faith you need in us to discuss such personal and sensitive matters.

Our goal is to help you build wealth that you can enjoy as we get to know each other.

We will need to know more about you. To put together a complete financial picture, we need to know about your regular spending and the lifestyle you desire, as well as anything major you are saving toward – such as property – and any expenses you anticipate – such as healthcare costs. We know that these conversations can feel so personal, so we work carefully to build your trust over time. There is more to money than money.®